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2020 Election Cycle

02/18/2020 8:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

How did we get where we are now?

It actually started with data collection focused on population, voter registration and demographics going back to 2016.

We were looking ahead to the next Election Cycle, which is NOW!

This is dry, analytical stuff that most people glance over without a thought about how it occurred.  That doesn't diminish the importance of what was, and is, still being done out of the spotlight.

The melding of the Trump Victory Campaign with the RNC into one unit helps in many ways to focus our efforts in this Presidential year.  We can not forget the importance of our local races, however.

An election cycle is just like building a fire.......start with some kindling, find an ignition point (a candidate), put on some issues (slowly so as not to kill the fire) and gradually add more and bigger wood so you have the fire going.  It takes time and strategy to get a fire burning and then let it burn into glowing coals.

That is what we have embarked on, the same scenario.  So don't rush to hastily as we don't want to burn out the fire, but continue to build it towards the November General Election.

There are things to be done now and that is exactly what we are doing.  Getting the kindling going with the Precinct Caucus, Voter Registration, and Candidate Forums.  So join in and be a part of the solution.

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