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It is truly an honor to represent you as your Republican National Committeeman for Georgia. I would like to share with you a review of the goals we have accomplished since I was elected in August. 


I had the opportunity to travel the state of Georgia campaigning for our Republican candidates. From Towns County to Camden County, from Muscogee County to Columbia County, I have been able to speak to Republican groups all over Georgia. 




It was an honor to fire-up the crowd in Columbia County for Vice President Mike Pence, and along with many of you we helped welcome President Trump with a crowd of thousands in Macon.



As a grassroots activist, just like yourself, I canvassed door-to-door, made hundreds of phone calls, and put together thousands of signs.


As an attorney, I represented the Georgia Republican Party against the Democratic Party of Georgia and their Secretary of State candidate John Barrow regarding a TRO to extend the hours of voting in specific precincts in Gwinnett whose DRE machines were down because of power outages.

I also had the privilege of being part of a great legal team that represented Congressman Rob Woodall against a machine of Democrat lawyers as well as attorneys and activists from a variety of non-profit groups that were clearly in coordination with Georgia Democrats. On my way home from the recount, Congressman Woodall texted me and reported the great news that his opponent had finally made the call to him and conceded.




A couple weeks ago I met with an exciting group of individuals in Johns Creek who represent the American Dream, Chinese-American Republicans. Their numbers are rapidly growing and I look forward to assisting them in any way I can. They speak with experience as to the importance of working hard to keep our freedom. Enclosed is a link showing what they have been doing in the last couple of years: CLICK HERE.



I look forward to representing you at the RNC Winter Meeting in New Mexico in January and will be sending you all a recap of the meeting and important information as we get into the Presidential Election cycle.


Please let me know how I can be of assistance to you. I would be happy to come and speak to your group anywhere in Georgia. My direct number is 404-664-4626. I am always accessible to you.


Again thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to working with you in 2019!



Jason Thompson

Republican National Committeeman

Georgia Republican Party 




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